The Uncommon Loon

The Uncommon Loon
is an hour-long film that follows a loon family through the nesting season. The setting is Round Lake, just outside of Petoskey. This documentary also features other species, such as Sandhill Cranes, Snapping Turtles and Herons, which share the loons’ wetland habitat, emphasizing the importance and value of marshes, critical to the survival of loons and their neighbors. Read the video synopsis below, or visit the Videos Page of this website to watch a preview.
The Uncommon Loon DVD
is available for purchase by credit card by calling 231-347-3688 10-6pm
Mon-Sat. Cost is $20. For more information contact

From the moment of hatching, a young loon chick enters a world filled with wonder—but fraught with danger. Eagles cruise the air, large fish and snapping turtles lurk the depths, each alert for an opportunity to snatch a chick separated from its parents. A speeding watercraft, curious kayaker, or careless photographer could provide this opportunity.

Safeguarding its young through its first perilous season is a task only the most dedicated of loon parents will achieve successfully. Diving, hunting, and flying are all skills a chick must learn. To this end, loon parents become devoted teachers, doting providers and fierce protectors.
Because there is no second chance, a loon father regards any territorial intrusion a grave threat; a neighboring swan, goose, a duck family, a basking painted turtle encounter swift and severe retaliation for trespassing. But maintaining the territory is a daunting task. And the most serious threat, the one that can bring an entire nesting season down in one fell swoop, can come from a surprising source…

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