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How Safe Are The Pipelines?

On September 30, I’m traveling to Cheboygan to film Dr Timm’s presentation on the Straits pipeline. Eventually, the film will be posted on Youtube, but attending the talk is the best option to get an idea on what this issue is all about and meet up with like-minded folks. See you there…



Climate Change Pushing Animals North Everywhere

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As a regular visitor to this blog, you’ll have probably read the studies that show certain animal species, over the last decades, having not only spread northward through Michigan, but displacing native species: Southern Flying Squirrels squeezing out Northern Flying … Continue reading


Michigan Legislature Continues To Dismantle Environmental Regulations

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Under bill 272, recently passed in the Michigan Senate, no environmental regulation could exceed current Federal law, potentially reversing decades of environmental progress. Among other things, the new rules would: – Prohibit an agency from promulgating a rule more stringent … Continue reading