The environment we get is often dependent on political battles won or lost. While efforts made outside the political arena through conservancies, environmental-advocacy groups, and the volunteer efforts of citizens are vital, changes in the law can severely weaken even our best efforts. We absolutely need strong regulatory laws to make sure what we’ve worked so hard to preserve stays that way.

Very powerful forces, backed by overwhelming financial support, work diligently every day to influence the regulations that get written into our environmental laws. This influence begins with campaign donations and continues with intense lobbying. With few exceptions, far too many industries simply won’t spend a dime more than regulations mandate on measures protecting the environment.

As big as these forces are, their vote is no more powerful than yours. In the end, it’s votes that count. Between elections, it is imperative that you let your representatives know how you feel about an issue. At this time in Michigan, when everyone is focused on job creation and economic development, the environment is clearly not at the top of the list. We need to remind our lawmakers what is important to us. The economy will rebound; a degraded environment may not. It is never a good time to sacrifice our wetlands, lakes, forests, drinking water and clean air for short-term economic gains. Contact your lawmakers below:


Governor Rick Snyder                                                Rick.Snyder@michigan.gov     517-373-3400

107th Rep.Frank Foster

FrankFoster@house.mi.gov    517-373-2629

37th Sen. Howard Walker

SenHWalker@senate.michigan.gov    517-373-2413


To contact lawmakers outside these districts:

House      http://www.house.michigan.gov/replist.asp

Senate  http://www.senate.michigan.gov/members/alphamemberlist.htm


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