Contact PLMI

LoonCorps Guide: If you want to recruit and coordinate volunteers to become scouts or assist lake residents in managing their breeding loons in any of Emmet, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Presque Isle, Montmorency, or Alpena Counties, please contact PLMI to join. You must be willing to travel occasionally and keep in contact with volunteers during the spring/summer breeding season.  You will learn to diagnose and manage problems loons encounter on their nesting lakes.

LoonCorps Scout: If you visit , fish or paddle a lake or lakes with nesting loons, or visit a lake where you see loons regularly, please consider joining as a LoonCorps Scout. A Scout can monitor a lake from shore, but in many cases, requires a kayak or canoe to properly verify and monitor nesting activity.

LoonCorps Donor: If you have a business or establishment that people frequent, and you are willing to display a Loon Alert Buoy Donation canister, or can donate funds outright to help purchase buoys and rafts, please contact or call 231-347-3688.

If You Live On/Visit A Loon Breeding Lake: Contact PLMI if you need information on loons, installing an artificial nest island for loons, loon alert buoy, have information on a new loon nest or territory, or want to volunteer as a monitor on a nesting lake.

Speaker for your meeting or event: If you need a speaker for your group and want a live showing of our film The Uncommon Loon, let us know. It is our mission to educate others on wildlife and to stress the importance of things such as wetlands, by presenting film documentaries on the wildlife that live there. All proceeds from sales of the DVD The Uncommon Loon go directly to loon research and management in Northern Michigan.


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