About PLMI

Michigan’s environment is a precious thing.  Not only for folks who live here, but for visitors seeking something unique. Preserving our environment isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue. Clean lakes, wetlands, forests, beaches, farms, grasslands and fields are all vital to our economy and our lives. Degrading our environment serves no one, except those who would exploit it for profit and move on.

Without a healthy environment, Michigan is just another state with a waterslide. Now, waterslides are fine things. I’ve visited one myself. But I’ve never seen a Sandhill Crane or Common Loon use one. My point is, if you want our state to remain a healthy place for wildlife, people, and to grow the food we eat, then maintaining our environment is a must.

Want a clean lake to swim in? Or fish in a pristine trout stream? Or share that great duck-hunting marsh with your nephew or granddaughter some day? But think environmental regulations are too strict or too costly? Think again. And think about the costs of restoring those places we take for granted everyday.

Perhaps you scoff at the notion of Climate Change. But wonder why those dead birds keep showing up on Great Lakes beaches more and more, and by the hundreds, even thousands. Or why common loons are molting their feathers while still on their breeding lakes, preventing their leaving before the winter ice closes in? Why we get so much less snowfall, and the lake levels keep falling? We make the connections here…and here.

We will keep you updated on how Climate Change  is affecting Michigan’s environment, which of our legislators take it seriously, and what steps they’re taking to address it.  We’ll also share recent research projects, the efforts of area organizations to preserve our environment, and occasionally post a video particular to our environment, whether it concern Michigan’s wildlife, an outdoor event, or public hearing. Maintaining a site as broad as this is difficult to do by ourselves. So, if you have a story, news article, photos, or videos that you feel would benefit our visitors, please contact me at:  planetmich@gmail.com    …………… Jeff L.


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