Cheboygan Passes Plastic Bag Ordinance

Karen David MartinKaren Martin emailed her friends today, informing them on the news that Cheboygan County passed a resolution that supports encouraging limiting plastic bag use. It’s a baby step, as she calls it, but a step all the same, and will eventually lead toward stopping plastic bag use altogether. I’ve decided to just publish her raw email, written in the flush of victory, thanking everyone who spoke up for this crucial issue.

Howdy all,
great news, a “baby step” was completed today at the Cheboygan County Board of Commissioners.
Just got home, and am so excited. I fear writing a list of who all spoke up, for fear of forgetting someone.
About 10 people spoke up in favor of passage of the resolution.
One spoke up against, Stephanie Jacobson.
If I recall correctly only 2 board members voted nay, Tony Matelski and Sue Allor. (please correct me if I’m wrong Bruce).
A surprise visitor joined us in speaking “for” the resolution, Phil Belfy (hope he didn’t drive all this way just for this, but if he did…belated hug to ya).
I almost chewed my tongue up when 2 members of board were making their arguments on behalf of the bag alliance. OMG, such B.S. talking points. I gotta find my item where I rebutted most of it (for my own self education).
If I find it, I’ll send your way.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR AWESOME HELP IN MAKING THIS “BABY STEP” BECOME A REALITY. If we can get more dems on the board this election cycle, like Susan Page added, perhaps they can take this effort further.
Sorry I had to leave the hallway visits….hubby was ready to go home, and Dave needed a ride to work.
xxxxxooooo to all,
turtle plastic

One response to “Cheboygan Passes Plastic Bag Ordinance

  1. the headline is wrong. no ordinance was passed. the test is correct – the county of cheboygan passed a resolution urging citizens and business to cut back on plastic bag usage in favor of re-usable bags.

    leonard page

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