Looncorps Loga PLMIFriends: I have created a brand new cool site dedicated to loons in Michigan and our efforts to preserve, protect, and something or other, but the important thing is you can see it all by going to This style webpage lends itself well to video and photo, so you’ll see lots of both of those. I’m also sort of going out on my own here, and have synced the website with my new organization called LoonCorps Northern Michigan.

I hope that you all will choose to follow Looncorps so you can be updated on new posts by email. If you think you might now get double the emails, think again, because the more time I spend on that site means less time on this one. So while I still will keep up Planet Michigan, I’m afraid it will suffer because of the new duties I’ll take on over there. This is because I am also going to take on, with help from other area loon advocates, more responsibility in my 28-year involvement with Michigan’s Threatened loons.

And about time, too. With six counties to cover, I’ve done a dismal job in my duties as a LoonWatch Area Coordinator, and feel it’s time either to step up my effort and reach out more to the more distant of those counties, or give it up. Well, I’m not giving it up. That’s why I’ve reached out for more help, financial and otherwise, to expand this effort.

So, come on over. Visit often. Join. Support. Get totally involved if you have the time. If you don’t have much time to give or money to donate, please consider asking a business you support to help out by displaying a Buoy Donation Canister. If you own your own business, let me know and I’ll drop one by to show you. Thanks.



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