Global Frackdown



Global-Frackdown-posterDon’t Frack Michigan presents the 3rd annual Global Frackdown, taking place Saturday, October 11, at the Carnegie Library Building in Petoskey. Event begins at 2pm.

Featured is a special musical performance by Dr. Goodhart’s Home Remedy and sponsored by Food and Water & Concerned Citizens of Cheboygan and Emmet County.

In “Ending our Addiction to Fossil Fuels With Carbon Fee & Dividend”, Elizabeth (Lisa) Del Buono MD, a Citizen’s Climate Lobby volunteer, explains how we can transition to non-carbon forms of energy by placing a fee on fossil fuel corporations and returning revenues back to American households.

For more information, please call 231-238-4786



One response to “Global Frackdown

  1. I invite readers of this page to listen to and share the anti-fracking song “What The Frack!” (2014 CD “Barrel Ride”) by singer-songwriter Bill McIver. Proceeds from online sales of “What The Frack!” will be donated to non-profit groups fighting against this insane use of precious water.

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