Our United Way Page

CharEm UW Logo

Last spring I volunteered to be on the Char-Em United Way’s Citizen Review Panel, where everyday-people like me sort of jury local organizations that seek United Way funding. It was fun, a little work spent researching and examining grant applications, and I learned a lot about what some of these organizations do, and how they allocate their funds.

Because of my involvement, I receive regular United Way emails and updates. Through these, I became aware of the Volunteer Connections Program. In short, organizations and charities are invited to apply for a page on the UW website, describe their organization, its needs, and appeal for volunteer help. Individuals visiting the website get to peruse all the organizations to see which is the proper fit for them. They simply have to submit their interest online and I get an email saying So-and-So is interested in becoming a LoonCorps volunteer.

Looncorps Logo2Well, without further fanfare, (though fanfare is certainly well-deserved) here is the link to our United Way site. There, you will find information on LoonCorps, a short video, our new logo, and some pictures of loon activities for 2014. Check it out, and Please! Please! Please!…sign up to support loons in Northern Michigan.


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