Mother Nature Likes My Motorcycle Best


Today on Red Sky Stage Radio’s…Planet Michigan…I call this one, “Mother Earth likes my motorcycle best”…at least my Yamaha…I’ll explain why in a sec…music, of course, by the Right and Honourable…Kevin MacLeod…….You know I usually am a stickler for proper spelling and grammar when I write anything, even emails and other stuff…I just can’t help myself…though I have to confess to being less particular when writing these segments (since nobody but me sees them…you only ever hear them)…except now that I’ve been pasting this written text for these segments on my Planet Michigan website…along with any appropriate photos (and a few inappropriate ones, as well)…I’m paying more attention to keeping my spelling and grammar correct…what does this have to do with anything?…well, nothing really…so, back to today’s topic…I have two motorcycles, one which is for sale…oh, today’s topic goes along with my series on how I do my part for the environment…and one way is driving a motorcycle whenever possible…see, I travel around Northern Michigan a lot for my work with common loons…I have a lot of lakes to check and monitor throughout spring and summer…and aside from when I need my Subaru in early spring to haul and place nesting rafts and buoys, I use the ultra-gas-efficient Yamaha TW-200 for everything……
so the reason I’m selling the Harley is because it weighs twice as much as the TW, or T-Dub, as devotees call them…gets half the mileage, and is magnitudes louder…you’ve heard them plenty, so I don’t have to describe it…another advantage to the T-Dub is that it’s a dual-use bike, meaning with its large, knobby-like tires, it can go on gravel, sand, dirt, mud, as well as paved roads…everywhere a loon researcher needs to go to get to his loons…or to anything else……so, when I had just the Harley, I was proud to claim it got twice the gas mileage of my Subaru…which it does…usually in the low 50s…but after several fill-ups and mileage checks for the TW-200, I regularly get 98 miles per gallon…one time even scoring 104 MPG…good thing, because it only has a 1.3 gallon tank, with a reserve of another half-gallon……I can even ride it in snow…so if I wear my fully-waterproof drysuit (actually designed to keep a paddler dry and relatively warm during winter kayaking…even when fully submerged in icy water)…my riding season extends as long as reasonable winter conditions allow……I only wish insurance was cheaper for motorcycles…in Michigan, I pay more for the Uninsured Motorist portion of my premium than the actual insurance costs…since the insane Michigan legislature axed the helmet law, rates have risen, too…go figure, huh?…whenever I see a helmet-less rider, I say to myself…”there goes another heart donor”…you see, the perfect candidate for a heart transplant donor is a brain-dead biker…when they crash, the head is invariably damaged beyond saving while the rest of the body (at least the torso) remains relatively intact…so, the high potential for a waiting heart transplant recipient…cold-hearted and gruesome, I know…but every dark cloud must have its silver lining…and I’m here to find it for you…along with offering tips on how you can do your small part to lessen your impact on our environment……
and that’s my suggestion for today…drive a motorcycle…I do…and it’s actually fun…and a great way to save money, and burn less gas…just wear a helmet…and watch out for animals and other drivers…for Red Sky Stage Radio’s Planet Michigan…I am Jeff Lange.

2 responses to “Mother Nature Likes My Motorcycle Best

  1. Love the TW and own one myself as my only motorcycle. I have to say that I find Michigan’s insurance rates to be way too high! The thing sits in the garage for 6 months without seeing the (dim) light of day!

  2. Too wonderfully funny! Thanks for a great laugh, Jeff.

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