My Bike Commute (RSSR)

Me Round Trail

Today, on Red Sky Stage Radio’s…Planet Michigan…I talk about my bike…music for this show–and every show—by the most excellent and honourable (that’s with a letter U)…Kevin MacLeod……so another way in which I do my small part in lessening my impact on the environment, and lower my use of fossil fuels…mainly gasoline, in this example…is to incorporate my bike into my daily commute whenever possible…which is most days from April through November…and in winter whenever weather allows…now, my point isn’t to boast how selfless and sacrificing I am…which I am, but my intention here is not to boast about it…but rather to share how I try to do my part, so others can decide whether that’s for them or not…I mean, if you live very near to where you work…good for you…especially if you walk or ride your bike…or something else……
Snow Bike
I live 13 miles outside Petoskey, so I have a 26 mile commute…which takes 1 gallon of gas for my Subaru…which doesn’t seem like much for one trip, but adds up over the weeks and months…now, I’ve shopped around for electric cars, higher mileage cars, etc…but my Subaru still has a great amount of life left (I hope) has a bed to carry stuff, a hitch for my canoe and sailboat trailer which I do loon work and sail the other, respectively…a carrier rack for my kayak and a homemade rack on the back for my bike…my point is, I don’t want to get rid of it yet…so I figured out how to double my mileage, until its days are used up and I am forced to find a more efficient car, anyway……
Pup & Us Trail
So, how did I double my mileage from 26 MPG to 52?…well, I just drive halfway into work, park my car…and ride my bike the other half of the way…and since they finished the bike trail through Conway and into Alanson, my ride is perfect…even in rain, I don’t mind it…or cold…I simple wear insulated riding pants, and on top my neoprene-sealed dry top I normally use for kayaking, so I really don’t get wet or very cold in any weather…
Round Slouch
My ride takes me past Round Lake, where loons nest…and past Mud lake, where sandhill cranes nest most years…and at the end of my ride…on hot days, when I arrive into town too sweaty and warm to start my day’s work, I jaunt over to the breakwall, and jump into Lake Michigan to rinse and cool off…and that is something you just have to experience to appreciate…….
Breakwall Jump
You might have even seen my yellow Subaru Baha, with red kayak perched on top…parked at the US-31 N. Conway Rd intersection…now, you might ask, well, Jeff,..why don’t you just ride all the way and leave your car at home?…I’ve tried, and I have to confess, while 13 miles may be a trivial distance for more athletic riders, it’s a little much for me, twice daily anyway…so I meet the environment halfway on this one, at least for my commutes…as for getting around at other times?…checking loon lakes, visiting friends, going places on my days off?…I take my motorcycle…which happens to be the topic for next week’s show……
Me Snapper Trail
I’ve posted pictures of my ride over on my Planet Michigan website…so, for now, I am Jeff lange…about to close up shop and ride home ( well, at least halfway)…for Red Sky Stage Radio’s…Planet Michigan…

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