My (Owlmoon’s) Compost Pile

DSC01469Alright, so I didn’t warn you, when I said I was going to post pictures of my solar shower on last week’s segment (on my Planet Michigan page, of course)…that I was going to be demonstrating the thing…fear not, those who haven’t seen the pictures (which were posted for educational purposes, to be sure!) I appear only from the waist up…would I make you suffer more than that?…I don’t think so…not intentionally…music as always for these segments by superhero Kevin MacLeod…I am Jeff Lange for Red Sky Stage Radio’s Planet Michigan…on to today’s topic……Composting…oh, and just a reminder, what I’m doing is a series of ways in which I do my part for the environment…which often turns out to be to my advantage as well…such as today’s topic…when I discard anything organic, food wastes…everything excluding red meat…something that rarely finds its way into my pantry in the first place…and if it does, my husky Owlmoon is there to recycle that for me…which is my secondary topic for today…my husky Owlmoon……as she and my compost bin frequently come into contact……you may not know it, but you’ve heard her before…as I record these segments, her nails on my hardwood floor make the clicking sound in the background…she paces sometimes…a byproduct of her near 14 years of age…so, Owlmoon started having seizures a few years ago…so we put her on…I can never think of the prescription…hold on…I’ve got it here somewhere…okay–phenobarbatol…anyway, we resisted doing this, because we heard horror stories of side effects to the drug…well, when her seizures were only occasional, (once a month, or every other month), we held off…but when she started having seizures once a week, or every few days…we did the phenobarb…she walked around like a drunken sailor for a few days, even crashing into stuff, so we reduced the dose, and hoped she would adjust to the meds and the side effects would subside (which we were told to expect)…and they did……she’s still a little uncoordinated at times, but the dose has been so effective…so effective…she’s had only one seizure in over a year’s time…and that’s great…if you’ve ever sat through a seizure of a loved one, you’ll know why I praise this drug…seizures are very hard on the nervous system, and the brain…and I’m certain she’s been harmed irrevocably from them…ONE of the side effects she’s never got over…is the increased appetite…which we have to control carefully…now Owlmoon was never a heavy dog…39-41 pounds most of her adult life…but even with her of late, ravenous appetite, she’s still under 45 pounds…still pretty good for a Husky……of course, when she wakes up (which is around 5 or 6 am…she comes to my bed and needs to go out right away…another trait of her getting older is she stays around the house when let out unattended…something we didn’t dare do a few years ago…so, after relieving herself, she wanders over to the compost pile and helps herself to any scraps she can extricate from under the layer of fencing I place to prevent just such an occurrence…


one morning she wandered to the back door, after such a visit…carrying a corncob in her mouth…which she proceeded to bite into pieces and devour before my eyes…so, this morning, while cleaning out my refrigerator, I opened several old jars of stuff that I was going to scrape out and dump into the compost pile before washing out and recycling the jars…and I thought, “why not just save myself the trouble and spoon the expired contents (marmalade, etc…) right into her dish…this way she avoids the ants and dirt and stuff…I mean, she’s going to end up eating it anyway……but I didn’t…I finally decided it’s time to erect a strong fence around the compost bins…and just give her a snack after her early morning jaunt…you see, part of the rationale for composting food scraps and other organics…is that, after a year or so, it breaks down into excellent mulch, which I dig out and transfer over to the garden…in which I grow mostly green beans……


my compost pile is simple really…it’s just a three-sectioned rectangle framed by railroad ties…one section is for dumping scraps, while the other two are covered with straw, in various stages of decomposition…I’ll post a picture on my Planet Michigan site of my compost pile…and of Owlmoon……so, what do I grow in my garden?…mostly green beans…which mostly end up as treats for Owlmoon…so, she’s still getting the compost…in a way…and she loves green beans, almost as much as she loves asparagus…and when the green beans are ripe…every time we go out for a walk , she heads, not to the compost pile…but right for the garden…for Red Sky Stage Radio’s Planet Michigan…I’m…Jeff Lange.



2 responses to “My (Owlmoon’s) Compost Pile

  1. Thanks Nancy. For extra punishment, you can actually hear my sleepy voice reciting this on Red Sky Stage Radio all day today (Tuesday).

  2. Truly a wonderfully written piece, Jeff. Entertaining, informative (within a fascinating creative alchemy wrapped in a green bean, wrapped in a garden, wrapped in a compost pile sort of way) and lol. Thank you to you and the ever jovial Owlmoon for cracking wise beautifully.

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