My Solar Shower (Red Sky Radio Segment)


(The following is my 6-19-14 program for Red Sky Stage Radio, which airs Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:45, 12:45, 5:45 & 8:45)     …On today’s segment, and for the next few programs…I’m going to relate to you some of the ways in which I try to do my part to lessen my impact on the environment…music, of course, by Kevin MacLeod…so, I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, even though I’m sure it’ll come across that way…believe me, there are many ways in which I fall short on conserving, or doing the right thing by nature…my intention here is to let you know the ways I’ve come up with that both serve my goals, while being environmentally friendly…you may say to yourself…”Oh, I can do that”…or you may live in an apartment, and are unable to build say, a solar shower, which happens to be the topic for today……


Some of things I’ll be discussing require some great effort, while others are fairly easy, once things are set in place…for example the aforementioned solar shower….now, for me, taking a solar shower is just as easy, in fact easier, than using my inside shower, which uses electricity…now, I do have an on-demand water heater, which has the benefit of using no power until the second you start using it…so, when it’s not in use, it’s completely dormant…which works well for me because I may not use it (at least for showering) all summer…certainly, my outside solar shower required some effort to construct …but once in place, it’s as easy as stepping into a normal shower…the only catch is, you want to use it on a sunny day, or, at least, the evening following a sunny day.



It’s a fairly basic system, a 3-sided affair, the open side facing the forest, shielded somewhat by lilac bushes…a yard lacking privacy might have a 4-walled enclosure rather than my 3…anyway, there are shelves for soap, shampoo, even a mirror for shaving…a rack for towels…and all of this is built around a vertical post supporting water taps connected to my well.


100 or so feet away…the extra taps I use for watering gardens, refilling my fish and frog pond, etc…the roof is simply a wooden rack which supports a solar shower bag connected to a hose.


The bag is a three gallon style you can buy in any camping outfit…I order mine through Campmor, at a cost of about 7 dollars…sure, this bag gets a lot of harsh exposure and needs replacing every few years, but at 7 dollars…not a real hardship to do…the shower head comes with the bag and runs through the wooden rack above…all I have to do to refill is turn a tap on over my head for a few minutes and the bag is refilled for the next shower……


I’ll take some pictures of my solar shower and post them to my Planet Michigan site, so you can see if this is something for you…it’s pretty crude…a moderately resourceful person could come up with a more efficient…and certainly prettier…design…but for saving money on electricity…and using less coal, oil, and whatever other fossil fuels Great Lakes Energy–my utility coop–remains addicted to, it makes me feel good to use less of these, and the free energy that the sun provides…and taking a shower outside?…singing birds…scent of lilacs…glorious…


View From The Top of Shower: A Napping Owlmoon




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