Three Lakes, Three New Loon Rafts

DSC01352Our work installing loon rafts this season began with Ron and Lori Pool of Petoskey. We installed a new one on Munro Lake, re-installed one on Lancaster along with two buoys; and replaced one that got away on Round with a new design with boarding ramp, rails, and eagle guard.


Special thanks to Carol Kay Hobbs, Dirk Cox and all the St. Mary’s Cement crew that built the bases (PVC frame and foam centers) for all seven new rafts, and everyone that contributed to my donation buoys located at Morning Star in Petoskey. These additional funds help pay for all the raft accessories and ten new Loon Alert Buoys that help separate loons from lake users during nesting.

DSC01348 DSC01346 DSC01345 DSC01344 DSC01339 DSC01342

IMG_20140504_163736_524 IMG_20140504_164956_273


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