Michigan’s Real Wind Energy Potential

Since my Thursday March 27 segment deals with wind energy, I’m re-posting this story so listeners can come to this site and view the DOE’s energy potential map for Michigan.

With misleading ads concerning Proposal 3, that constitutionally requires Michigan to produce 25% of its energy needs through renewable sources by 2025, I thought it would be helpful to show Michigan’s real wind energy potential. The map below is a picture worth a thousand words, and puts to rest a thousand lies you’ll hear from the politicians, fossil fuel energy interests, and Great Lakes Energy in their  attempt to keep Michigan in the energy Dark Ages and continue our addiction to environmentally destructive, unhealthy, and ever-costly forms of power.

Coal, oil, and gas are long-outdated energy sources that are hazardous to extract, pollute vast stretches of oceans, rivers, and groundwater wells, wreak mass destruction on forests, dirty the air we breathe, destroy fisheries and the livelihood of those that depend on them, kill wildlife and its habitat, and are responsible for Climate Change, which has already…

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2 responses to “Michigan’s Real Wind Energy Potential

  1. Thanks Jane. I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the Universal Pantry. Been listening almost since Day 1, and really like the show.

  2. Wonderful work on Red Sky Stage Radio!!

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