Estabrook School Loon Art & Letters

Last month, I visited Ypsilanti’s Estabrook Elementary School and spent the afternoon with Ms. Lava-Kellar’s Fifth Grade students. We watched nature videos that I brought and discussed the fascinating everyday lives of loons. Clearly, of all the loon stuff I do all year, this is by far the most fun…and most rewarding.

A few days after returning home, the students sent me a package of Thank You letters and drawings. With permission from their teacher, I’ll be posting five letters per entry in random order over the next several days on this site.  While posting Thank You notes may be seen by some as a self-serving gesture, these are just too cool not to share. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Clicking each image will display it in large view.



One response to “Estabrook School Loon Art & Letters

  1. some pretty spiffy art work in that package.

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