Michigan Treating The Symptoms Of Climate Change


It was predictable.                                                                         The Michigan legislature is admitting they need to take emergency action on Climate Change…except, in usual denial mode,  they’re not mentioning Climate Change as the source of the problem. Here’s an excerpt from a recent story about the State’s plans to draw funds for “emergency” dredging on some of the state’s harbors:

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Republican senators on Tuesday called for spending $30 million from the state’s rainy day account this year to dredge Great Lakes harbors, saying emergency action is needed to keep open ports grappling with record-low water levels.

The short-term fix would buy time while lawmakers search for permanent revenue to help water-starved harbors as the federal government cuts back on dredging and the lakes continue declining.

What no one wants to mention is that our “record low water levels” are the direct result of drought as a consequence of Climate Change. This is ironic because Michigan recently failed to commit more than 10% of its energy use to clean, alternate sources of power. We had the chance to commit to 25% renewable energy sources by 2025, but forces like Great Lakes Energy and other special interests used our dollars to lie to voters that this measure would destroy Michigan’s economy and lead to skyrocketing electric rates. They convinced people to stay addicted to coal and oil as their chief sources of power. When do we learn? How much are we going to pay to avoid the dire consequences of Climate Change, which is continuing to take its toll on our environment and economy?


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