Michigan’s Real Wind Energy Potential

With misleading ads concerning Proposal 3, that constitutionally requires Michigan to produce 25% of its energy needs through renewable sources by 2025, I thought it would be helpful to show Michigan’s real wind energy potential. The map below is a picture worth a thousand words, and puts to rest a thousand lies you’ll hear from the politicians, fossil fuel energy interests, and Great Lakes Energy in their  attempt to keep Michigan in the energy Dark Ages and continue our addiction to environmentally destructive, unhealthy, and ever-costly forms of power.

Coal, oil, and gas are long-outdated energy sources that are hazardous to extract, pollute vast stretches of oceans, rivers, and groundwater wells, wreak mass destruction on forests, dirty the air we breathe, destroy fisheries and the livelihood of those that depend on them, kill wildlife and its habitat, and are responsible for Climate Change, which has already had devastating effects around the globe.

Despite what ads say about wind energy being inconsistent, unreliable, and too expensive, the Department of Energy Map below shows that Michigan’s Great Lakes shoreline offers wind energy potential that rates as Excellent to Outstanding compared to other regions around the nation. It’s time we started taking full advantage of this resource.


4 responses to “Michigan’s Real Wind Energy Potential

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Since my Thursday March 27 segment deals with wind energy, I’m re-posting this story so listeners can come to this site and view the DOE’s energy potential map for Michigan.

  2. Wind energy is here to stay. However, wind energy needs backup supply for stable production. Therefore, the maximum fraction of wind energy in the grid is no more than 50%.

    • Don’t be offended if I don’t take your “fact” of 50% at face value. The fossil fuel and nuclear* industries lie to us all the time about what competing energy sources are capable of. However, assuming that you know what you’re talking about, or that you’re telling the truth, or that you’re not associated with the fossil fuel or nuclear industries, 50% is a lot better than the few percent we’re generating now.

  3. Why can’t people read the map? I believe this is a pretty clear graphic map to show how our lake shore areas are good to excellent on using wind power to create energy that would be a clean source of energy. Our nation’s people have illness due to the by products of coal and oil energy sources. We have seen this for decades. What is wrong with humans, they just think it is OK???? We are in a new age of technical development. We need to go forth and continue to educate ourselves and train our young people to develop more ways to use solar, wind, and water. The old ways of creating energy is destroying the earth and the people.

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