Cruising For Round Lake Chicks

First, sorry to everyone who came here expecting something else, but don’t go away just yet. Sure, the video below is a little long (9 minutes thereabouts), largely unedited, and falls short of the type of “chick” some might have hoped to see, but where else can you eavesdrop on conversation between a regular guy and a really expert one (Joe, that is) about real interesting  loon stuff?

Besides, the loon chicks presented here are really cute, and well-behaved (no surprise emissions). We had just finished banding them, their parents were away that night on a little free time (we heard them cavorting on nearby Crooked Lake) so we decided to hang out with the kids awhile. So, enjoy the laid back atmosphere, the warm summer night, the cute chicks, and the free education. Oh, and there’s Elvis, too!


3 responses to “Cruising For Round Lake Chicks

  1. What a great video! I’ve never seen a chick before so I very much enjoyed seeing the little guy – and his transparent foot. 🙂

  2. Jeff! Thank you for this lovely video – I was out of town when the banding was done on Lake Bellaire so I missed being in on banding 4 chicks and 1 adult and Joe. Great vid! Makes me feel like I was right there and didn’t miss anything;0)
    Keep up the great work! Hope our paths cross some day. Looks like I just may have a third nesting pair for next year! Keep your fingers crossed. Thank you for all the work you do for loons and clean waters! Linda

  3. I enjoyed the clip. I can see the gathering of data will be helpful in the assessment of what the loon eat, and the chemicals that are found in the foods they consume. Will that also reflect the water quality in which the birds are living? Thank you Joe and Jeff…..

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