Venus Transit

On Tuesday June 5, I went down to the Petoskey waterfront and set up my video camera behind a solar filter that normally attaches to my telescope and got a chance to film the first half of the 2012 Venus Transit. About three hours transpired from the time the planet entered the solar disk to the time Lake Michigan (actually the earth’s rotation) put an end to the awesome event. It was fun giving passersby a chance to see this. I talked to some familiar people, met some new friends, got hooked up with some local whitewater kayakers, and my good friend Robert brought me a tuna sandwich. Fortunately, clear skies prevailed.

If you didn’t see the transit, you have two choices: find a way to live till the year 2117 (at which time you can view the next occurrence) or watch it here…


3 responses to “Venus Transit

  1. Jeff…..I really enjoyed it. As I do all your filming. You share with us many happens on earth and in the universe. Your work is wonderful. I an many people look forward to more films. Thank you.

  2. pretty cool! wow- what an amazing process to witness! I feel alive and really small 🙂

  3. Robert H Smith, Cheboygan

    Hey Jeff, Well done…thanks for sharing.

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