PLMI Video Wins Award


I don’t like to do this, but when the video What’s In A Michigan Wetland won an award in the Michigan Movie Maker’s  Micro Movie Marathon, I was obliged to overcome my modesty and publish the news. The founder of M3 encouraged me to post this achievement on any website I maintained, so I proceeded, not only to do just that, but to even invent a new category to post it under titled, Things To Brag About.

So, check out the M33M Award page to see the three winners of 2012, their winning videos and the list of video entries you can watch from the privacy of your own home, office, or on your handheld device while waiting in line at the grocery store. Also take an envious gander at my prize winnings: the $2 Canadian bill which will soon be in my greedy possession, and which will take a special place among my collection of C3: Cool Canadian Currency (proof that I have no social life). You can also see a great picture of me wearing a beard that I also no longer have. Modesty be damned! Thank you M33M.



8 responses to “PLMI Video Wins Award

  1. Bravo champ! But next time- you should probably have Steve Carrel running through the marsh being chased by loons…I think it would be a big hit.

    • Ha! With my big Canadian prize winnings, now I can afford to tap big Hollywood talent for the next Doc. I’ll pass along your suggestion when I see Steve at the Oscars. Hey, nice mask. I have one just like that!

  2. Wonderful film, Jeff–was it all shot in our area? Congratulations on an award that you so clearly deserve.

    • Thanks Suzanne. Actually, almost all the birds and other animals were filmed in the same marsh, many from one vantage point alone. I wanted to show how many species depend on one small wetland, and what we lose when it’s drained, developed, etc…This marsh, called the South Round Lake Preserve, is owned and maintained by the Little Traverse Conservancy, and will forever be a sanctuary for these species.

      This presents an opportunity to inform everyone here that Suzanne Shumway is running for Michigan’s 107th Congressional District this year, and is strongly committed to protecting wetlands such as this, and all of Michigan’s precious environmental treasures. In the current rush to exploit and develop our state’s lands, we must do all we can to keep our most valuable resources just as they are. I’m convinced she is the best advocate we have to do this.

  3. What a fantastic film, Jeff! Was this shot entirely in our area? It’s wonderful–congratulations on an achievement that is so clearly deserved.

  4. Thanks Joe and Nancy. Waiting for my cash prize. I think I’ll pay off the house first, then maybe a trip around the world. Then, who knows…Thanks.

  5. Congratulations, Jeff.
    Now I can finally say I know an award-winning filmmaker who’s won a Canadian cash prize for his film. I’m considering you for the “Palm d’Or”.

  6. Kudos, kudos, Lange, kudos! At last you have received the recognition that is only so very over-due. And now, you have joined the greats of cinema (be sure to say, “cin-e-ma” or film, say, “fil-em”). Who the hell is Attenborough anyway. Nothing but a jackass from Jurassic Park. His foray into film making remains questionable. What’s an Academy Award anyway – nothing but a naked statue of George W. Bush, or is it Laura?

    All seriousness aside, congratulations on your award, Jeff!

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