Kalamazoo River Still Closed 15 Months After Oil Spill

A rash of sicknesses, especially among children still plague Kalamazoo residents almost a year and a half after one of the worst inland tar sands oil spills in history. The river is still toxic and portions remain closed. Enbridge, the company whose ruptured oil pipeline caused the spill, is ducking interviews and comments on this Michigan disaster, one of 610 such spills since 1999. Read the full story in this Al Jazeera article.

After reading the story, decide whether you support the Keystone XL Pipeline, a proposed project that would transport tar sands crude oil from Alberta to Texas right over the Ogallala Aquifer, the largest in the U.S., supplying drinking water to Midwestern states and one-third of all irrigation water in the country. Don’t hesitate to voice your concerns to the Obama Administration, who must approve the proposal.


2 responses to “Kalamazoo River Still Closed 15 Months After Oil Spill

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