Climate Change Pushing Animals North Everywhere

As a regular visitor to this blog, you’ll have probably read the studies that show certain animal species, over the last decades, having not only spread northward through Michigan, but displacing native species: Southern Flying Squirrels squeezing out Northern Flying Squirrels, White-footed Mice displacing Deermice, and Opossums gaining a foothold on the once too-cold Upper Peninsula.

Research is showing this phenomena is hardly unique to Michigan. As the article HERE illustrates, this is happening around the globe, and includes plants as well as animals.

Besides being better stewards of the environment in our personal lives (which should include driving less, carpooling, purchasing a more environmentally-friendly car or truck, using energy-efficient lighting and appliances, etc…) we must encourage our lawmakers to enact or support legislation that reduces Climate Change emissions and encourages growth in Alternative Energy industries.


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