Party’s Over: Lights Out!

In a rushed vote to repeal the 2007 Act that is designed to steadily phase out energy-hogging light bulbs, Texas Rep. Ted Poe declared on the House floor, “The party is over for the traditional incandescent light bulb!”

Silly, I know, but opponents  (or proponents turned opponents) of the 2007 Energy Independence And Security Act (EISA) are calling the effort to move our nation to better energy efficiency an infringement on freedom and liberty.

The effort failed, but during a time when Congress and the Administration have their hands full addressing our economic woes, one can only shake their head and wonder why this light bulb issue is even being debated.

It’s a no-brainer: modern compact fluorescent and LED lights save energy, save money to the consumer in the long run, burn cooler, last longer, and contribute less to the impacts of Climate Change. Simply, it makes no sense to buy anything else these days, unless you despise a cleaner environment and like to throw money away. Or, as in some cases, you’re a victim of deliberate misinformation in an attempt to politicize this issue.

From The Hill news: “EISA’s provisions do not force anyone to buy a particular type of light bulb. The 2007 provision simply requires the light bulb industry to use the technology they have already developed to manufacture more energy-efficient bulbs that could produce the same amount of light using 30 percent less energy. The light bulb industry supported the original provision in EISA and they are opposed to repealing that language, as H.R. 2417 would have done. Why? Because they’ve already spent three years investing and ramping up production of the more energy-efficient bulbs based on the 2007 law.”


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