Major Climate Change Skeptic Funded By ExxonMobile

Every so often some new “groundbreaking” research emerges  that promises to contradict long-standing science. The much-heralded Intelligent Design Theory stood to suck some of the oxygen out of Natural Selection and got the attention of many easily-influenced politicians and school boards until the Dover Court Decision judged it to be devoid of any scientific merit and showed it to be nothing more than re-hashed Creationism.

Ditto with the recent “scientific” claim that Global Warming is caused, not by increasing CO2 levels, but by solar variation. As quickly as hopeful creationists latched on to ID,  Climate Change Deniers gobbled up this research with gusto and echoed its message throughout the media. If your instincts told you something fishy was behind the research, then your instincts served you well. Here’s why: Freedom of Information Act-garnered documents have shown that Harvard-Smithsonian Center of Astrophysics scientist Dr. Willy Soon, the man behind the “science”, has received over $1 million from coal and oil interests since 2002 to do his research. Funding came from ExxonMobile, American Petroleum Institute, and Koch Industries (Koch Industries is run by the two brothers who want to declaw every Government agency that would hinder their wholesale plundering and polluting our nation’s natural resources to their own profit).

What’s most tragic about this story is that this special interest-funded research turned many against the real causes of Climate Change and may have set back efforts to address it. For all of us, the price for this fraud has been, and will continue to be, enormous. For those who’ve suffered some of the worst storms, flooding, heat waves, and illnesses due to the effects of Climate Change, the consequences are deadly. Read the whole sordid story from the UK Guardian here.


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