Good Bank, Bad Bank

Okay, so maybe this title is a bit unfair. No bank is all good, while no bank is all bad. More specifically, there are banks that fund environmentally-destructive projects, those that refuse to…and those somewhere in the middle. Such a case in point is the coal-mining process called Mountaintop Removal (MTR). If you’ve never heard of this, you really should read for yourself about the destructive, no…catastrophic, effects this has on the mountains, rivers and communities involved. Briefly, coal companies blast entire mountaintops away to harvest the coal from the veins within.

While the process does not occur in Michigan, as electricity users, and as bank customers, we have a clear interest in this practice. We can accept it, or use our voice, and our dollars, to oppose it. The Rainforest Action Network webpage has a list of banks and their connections to environment-unfriendly practices such as MTR.  Check their Report Card PDF file to see where your bank measures up. It’s important to let your bank know how you feel about their “grade”. Like most corporations, their public image is important to them. If they know their customers will make their banking decisions on their stewardship of the environment, they might consider more carefully the environmental consequences of the projects they finance. And while you’re at it, it doesn’t hurt to tell your energy provider or electric co-op about it, too.


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