Geotagged Loon Returns

Female Banded Loon Prior To Release August 2010 Banders: Joe Kaplan and Chris Williams

In summer 2010 a female loon and one of her two chicks were banded on Round Lake near Petoskey, Michigan. This special band carries a Geotag, an archival device that has recorded the loon’s position twice daily since last August. Other information recorded daily is whether the loon is swimming in saltwater or freshwater, and the depth of its dives.

This female has returned to Round Lake this season (geotag and all), and we will recapture her this summer to remove the device and retrieve the data. Then we will know her exact migration route south, where she spent the winter, and her route back north.

The photo below (taken from video) shows the band during one of the loon’s many foot waggles (they often swim with one foot tucked under a wing, and need to (fortunately for us) stretch it occasionally). To watch this loon being captured and fitted with her band last summer, see the video “Loon Banding Round Lake” on this site’s Videos Page.

Banded Loon Returned May 2011


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