Welcome to Planet Michigan

Welcome to Planet Michigan. This site is dedicated to just about anything relating to Northern Michigan’s environment, though strongly focused on the wildlife and habitat that makes this place special.  To get a more detailed flavor of what we’re covering, click on the “About PLMI” tab. Check out our Recent Posts, listed on the right. For a complete list of all posts, click the Home tab, or anywhere on the trout fin.

Which brings me to the reason why I chose a trout fin as the symbol for this site. I started trout fishing in the Seventies with my father along a tributary of the Manistee River called Big Cannon Creek. I quickly learned, as all trout anglers know, that trout streams by their nature are some of the most pristine areas of our environment. Later, I bought my first fly rod kit from Art Neumann, one of the founders of Trout Unlimited. This was an important step toward shaping my interest in wildlife and the environment far beyond my love for fishing. A fly angler learns about the aquatic insect life that abounds in streams; the Mayflies, Stoneflies, and Caddisflies that cling to rocks or burrow in the stream bed–the main food source for trout. When Art started TU, he was discouraged that the Fish Division focused too much on stocking streams with ready-to-catch fish. Art’s philosophy took a different, yet simple, tack: Manage the river for the trout, and you’ll take care of the angler. Preserve the natural habitat, and everybody wins. There is no reason not to adapt that philosophy to all aspects of our environment. Not doing so is costly, frustrating, harmful, and, in the long run, fails everybody.



2 responses to “Welcome to Planet Michigan

  1. Today it rainning in the north. If you get a chance take a walk around your yard, or in the woods, or near a lake. The plants, the animals all need healthy rain. We need to help keep it heathly, so our planet can stay healthy. We need to change the way we run our engines. We have to support the changes in the way we product energy. WE can use wind, solar, and turning the trillions of tons of trash we make into fuel to run the engines of this the planet. It needs to be done NOW. The beauty that is still here needs our help to protect it. We have the knowledge to use the wind, solar and trash to fuel the planet. Speak up, do what you can do, , educate yourself on what part you can do to help. Our planet gives so much to each one of us. Think about it…….you are made of food of the earth, if it become so unhealthy that good things can not grow……….you will have to eat ???????

  2. I like your site. It is nice to find out information about the creature in northern michigan. As I was traveling yesterday in northern michigan in the lower penn. I saw a sandhill crane in a marsh area, a hawk, and pheasant. Thanks for the chance to share what I saw on my travels.

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