Watch For Stranded Loons

Loon ReleaseThis is one year to watch out for any loons left on inland lakes. Our lakes are very late in freezing this season and loons have been seen on Crooked, Round, Burt, etc… recently. As these lakes freeze with the coming cold, loons left on them, especially immatures,  might find themselves trapped by closing ice. Adding to this trouble is the fact that, though loons have been molting for some time now, up till now these have been feathers not used for flight. Soon however, loons will molt their flight feathers, which normally occurs after they’ve reached their wintering grounds. Loons that have hung back on inland lakes are in severe danger if this molt occurs before leaving, because then they’re flightless for 6-8 weeks, meaning when the lakes freeze, they’ve nowhere to go. In 2007, 17 loons died on a New Hampshire lake because they stayed too long.

So, as lakes freeze, keep on the lookout for any trapped loons this season. It’s very dangerous to rescue birds on newly frozen ice and partially frozen lakes, so report any stranded loons you see to this site.


Loon + Presentation For Eagle Eyes

On Tuesday November 10, from 4-5:30, I’ll be presenting my various wildlife videos to the Eagle Eyes youth group at the Little Traverse Conservancy office on Powell Rd off M-119. I’ll be showing some loon stuff, crane chick videos and … Continue reading


How Safe Are The Pipelines?

On September 30, I’m traveling to Cheboygan to film Dr Timm’s presentation on the Straits pipeline. Eventually, the film will be posted on Youtube, but attending the talk is the best option to get an idea on what this issue is all about and meet up with like-minded folks. See you there…



Owls Of The North Woods

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STRAITS AREA AUDUBON SOCIETY invites the public on Wednesday Mar. 11 at 6 p.m. to a free program on owls at the Cheboygan Area Public Library. “Owls of the North Woods” by environmental educator Mary Trout describes the unique adaptations … Continue reading


Sandhill Cranes

Article by John Lehman, LoonCorps There is a pair of nesting sandhill cranes near the south end of Round Lake—the one midway between Petoskey and Harbor Springs. They can sometimes be observed with binoculars from the Alanson bike trail where … Continue reading


Cheboygan Passes Plastic Bag Ordinance

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Karen Martin emailed her friends today, informing them on the news that Cheboygan County passed a resolution that supports encouraging limiting plastic bag use. It’s a baby step, as she calls it, but a step all the same, and will … Continue reading


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Friends: I have created a brand new cool site dedicated to loons in Michigan and our efforts to preserve, protect, and something or other, but the important thing is you can see it all by going to This style … Continue reading